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Samstag, 30. Mai 2015

The Ministry of Finance also welcomes the statement from German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble, noting the G7 Finance Ministers’ support for a successful resolution of Ukraine’s debt restructuring.

Ministry of Finance statement on call with ad hoc committee of international commercial creditors
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Following today’s call between the principals and advisors of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine and the ad hoc committee of international commercial creditorsthe Ministry is pleased that engagement between both parties on restructuring Ukraine’ssovereign debt is accelerating.

Next week will see intensified talks take place between advisors in London with a follow up call with the principals to assess progress on Friday, 5 June.

We reiterate Ukraine’s commitment to negotiate in a collaborative and good faith manner as per international principlesThe Ministry is confident that a mutually beneficial agreement will be reached in accordance with the targets agreed underUkraine’s IMF program.

The Ministry of Finance also welcomes the statement from German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäublenoting the G7 Finance Ministers’ support for a successful resolution of Ukraine’s debt restructuring.

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