29.06.2014 Declaration of Counsel for Eurobondholders in support of motion for clarification
29.06.2014 Letter of Counsel for Eurobondholders with respect to motion for clarification
29.06.2014 Memo of Law of Eurobondholders in support of motion for clarification
29.06.2014 Motion of Eurobondholders for clarification

... zum Thema "EUR-Neubonds" steht im Pari-Passu-Urteil vom 23.08.2013:
If ICE Canyon and the Euro Bondholders are correct in stating that the payment process for their securities takes place entirely outside the United States, then the district court misstated that, with the possible exception of Argentina’s initial transfer of funds to BNY, the Exchange Bond payment “process, without question takes place in the United States.” [...] But this possible misstatement is of no moment because, again, the amended injunctions enjoin no one but Argentina, a party that has voluntarily submitted to the jurisdiction of the district court. If others in active concert or participation with Argentina are outside the jurisdiction or reach of the district court, they may assert as much if and when they are summoned to that court for having assisted Argentina in violating United States law.