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Mittwoch, 3. Oktober 2012

Argentinische Fregatte in Ghana für Bondholder NML (Elliott) beschlagnahmt ?

normalerweise unterliegt Kriegsmaterial der Souveränität....vielleicht ist das in Ghana anders......
Frigate Libertad is held in Ghana over bondholder lawsuit
Wednesday, October 03, 2012
By Ana Baron
The order of the Superior Court of Ghana that yesterday detained the Frigate Libertad in Puerto Tema at the request of the vulture funds is clear.  “The Accused (the Foreign Ministry of Argentina), its officials, agents ... including the capital of the Ship, Pablo Lucio Salonica, and the crew are prohibited from moving the frigate ARA Libertad from Puerto Tema without a new order from this court,” it says.  And it adds that the authorities of the port must retain all of the ship’s documentation, be it electronic or printed.
More still, the order – which Clarin obtained – says that members of the crew must surrender to the authorities of the port.
The port of Tema, where the Frigate is detained, is in Accra, the capital of Ghana, which is a former English colony situated in Africa, on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean.
The plaintiffs, NML Capital Ltd of Elliott Management, and Huntlaw Corporate Service, a group that legally represents every kind of investment funds, asked for the detention of the Frigate in an attempt to collect on rulings that they’ve obtained in their favor in the courts of New York.
The goal is to attach the Frigate.
During the hearings that will take place starting together the Argentine government could obtain the release of the Frigate by paying bail.  But it is still very early to know what the judicial decision will be or what amount the bail could come to.
La Nacion
Wednesday, October 3, 2012
To be translated.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Buenos Aires, Wednesday, October 3, 2012
(See PDF Attached)
The vulture funds have crossed a new limit in their attacks on the Argentine Republic.  The Frigate Libertad has been held in the Republic of Ghana over a recourse presented by NML Group before the courts of that country.  The Argentine Foreign Ministry has already taken steps with the African nation’s government to clear up the deception that the unscrupulous financiers have mounted.  That measure is in violation of the Vienna Convention on diplomatic immunity.
The vulture fund NML has its headquarters in the Cayman Island, a fiscal lair that it’s worth recalling is a colony of Great Britain, from which those who don’t submit themselves to the laws of any jurisdiction operate and they’ve been denounced both by the G-20 and the United Nations.
The NML Group belongs to international speculator Paul Singer and he is the main financier of the lobby that operates in the courts and the Congress of the United States with the name “ATFA” (Task Force Argentina) to damage our country.  Also, they disseminate false information for the use of some Argentine monopolistic press media, with the goal of extorting Argentina in order to obtain usurious profits from buying Argentine bonds for pennies during the 2001 crisis and refusing to join the 93% of the investors that agreed to the debt restructuring.
That group of lobbyists are the same that tried to harass the President during her recent trip to the United States passing out aggressive fliers against the presidential investiture.  Another of its actions was to place a gigantic rat in the doorway of the Argentine embassy in Washington when the anniversary of our independence was being celebrated.   
The Foreign Ministry reiterates that it is the decision of President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner to not bow before the international and local attempts at extortion that have been brought forth by the vulture funds and will continue to denounce them in various forums such as the G-20, the United Nations, CELAC, UNASUR and MERCOSUR, FATF and the other multilateral organizations.
El Cronista
Argentina is not paying part of its debt today
Wednesday, October 03, 2012
By Ignacio Olivera Doll
The Moody’s ratings agency made it very clear yesterday that it sees it as very likely that it will finally determine a lowering of the rating assigned to Argentina’s debt – after having changed its perspective to “negative” last week – for the continuation of some policies that put its capacity to pay in doubt.
The agency believes that the adulteration of official statistics, which affect yields on bonds indexed by the official inflation index, and the decision to leave the debt with the Paris Club unpaid, describe in large part the debt profile that the Argentine government represents as an emitter.  And that they could be a sign of the commitment that the current administration could assume towards its creditors in a more complicated macroeconomic scenario, as is already being predicted.
“What we put forth is this: if with record commodities prices and historic public revenues give Argentina the luxury of not paying its debt, what will happen in the medium term if those revenues fall?” warned Gabriel Torres, the sovereign director for the agency.

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