bin nicht investiert und beobachte das nur aus der Ferne, aber da scheint grosser Druck aufzukommen:

* Solarworld lost its suit against Hemlock as the judge in the case yesterday granted Hemlock's motion for summary judgement.
* Hemlock must now "submit a proposed judgment listing the amount of accrued damages as of the
date of this opinion on or before July 22, 2016."
* In the past Hemlock had put the liquidated damages at ~US$771m.
* Solarworld is now likely to appeal the ruling in our opinion. Most likely it will do so without posting a bond allowing Hemlock to pursue the execution of the judgement in Germany (if it paid a bond, it could achieve of stay of execution as far as we understand)
* In our opinion Solarworld now also will likely have to take a provision for the case in its accounts
* We would expect Solarworld shares and bonds to be under significant pressure this morning