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Donnerstag, 14. Juli 2016

jetzt gehts wohl (langsam) los....

Am 13.07.2016 um 21:29 schrieb Osvaldo A. Colazo:
> Dear Mr. 
> Thanks a lot for your email and words.
> Really I do not believe that you are a fool and less the German bond holder. The TFA holders first to settle they had to dismiss the litigation.
> Resolve the problem is not so easy that everybody believe and you are imaging in your email. Pay to holders take days, week or month. For those reason one and a half month ago we start with the process to try to do easy the procedures to litigators in Germany and we are finalising on the next week the procedures.
> I do not pretend that you believe me, you are free to think that after 15 years of cheating the holders, now we can do the same.
> The offer it´s not close, and remain open. German litigator has several different situation and we have to cover all those cases.
> Regards
> Osvaldo>
> Lic. Osvaldo A. Colazo>
> Coordinador de Estudios de Mercado Interno
> Subsec. De Financiamiento - Oficina Nacional de Crédito Público>
> Hipólito Yrigoyen 250 - p. 10 - Ofic. 1036. 
Te: (54-11) 4349-6259

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