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Montag, 1. Februar 2016

die dinger haben sehr wohl cacs integriert

die dinger haben sehr wohl cacs integriert



US$1,500,057,000 5.75% Bonds due 2016 (“Bonds due 2016”) US$1,500,057,000 6.00% Bonds due 2020 (“Bonds due 2020”) 

The Bonds are designated Collective Action Securities and, as such, contain provisions regarding future modifications to their terms that differ from those applicable to a substantial portion of Venezuela’s outstanding public issues of capital market indebtedness. Under these provisions, which are described in the section entitled “Description of the Bonds—Meetings and Amendments” in this Listing Memorandum, Venezuela may amend the payment provisions and certain other terms of the each Series of Bonds with the consent of the holders of 75% of the aggregate principal amount outstanding of such Series of Bonds.


7.0% Notes due 2018 

Meetings and Amendments A meeting of holders of Notes may be called, as set forth below, at any time and from time to time to make, give or take any request, demand, authorization, direction, notice, consent, waiver or other action provided by the Fiscal Agency Agreement or the Notes to be made, given or taken by holders of Notes or to modify, amend or supplement the terms of the Notes or the Fiscal Agency Agreement as hereinafter provided. The Republic may at any time call a meeting of holders of Notes for any such purpose to be held at such time and at such place as the Republic shall determine. Notice of every such meeting, setting forth the time and the place of such meeting and in general terms the action proposed to be taken at such meeting, shall be given as provided in the terms of the Notes, not less than 30 nor more than 60 days prior to the date fixed for the meeting (provided that, in the case of any 

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