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Montag, 8. Februar 2016

Ein US-Urteil mit Euro-Bezug....

Table 16

Plaintiff Bond Holder or Francesco Fiore, Teresa Fiore and Giovanni Fiore (joint Beneficial Owner: owners of the bonds) Face Value: €250,000 CUSIP No., ISIN No., BB CUSIP No. 008633347; ISIN No. XS0086333472 No.Date Of Issuance: April 21, 1998 Date Of Maturity: April 21, 2008 Interest Rate/Payable: 8.125% Date Of Purchase: May 12, 1998Acceleration: Notice sent September 15, 2006 Contract Documents: FAA dated October 19, 1994 (FAA; FRB; Indenture; Offering Prospectus; Certificates, etc.) Evidence of Ownership Proffered: Banca di Roma Declaration, dated December 19, 2007. (Account Statements; Letters; Notarized Statements, etc.)

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