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Mittwoch, 22. April 2015

'Argentina is a country where it's worth investing in,' CFK tells business leaders in Moscow

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

'Argentina is a country where it's worth investing in,' CFK tells business leaders in Moscow

Argentina’s President Cristina Fernández addresses a forum of business leaders in Moscow, joined by Industry Minister Debora Giorgi and Foreign Minister Héctor Timerman.
President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner attended a forum of Argentine and Russians business leaders in Moscow where she called to “redefine the role of the State” saying that when talking about the market “consumers, producers and industry” must be considered.
“Argentina is a country where it is worth investing in and producing, not only because of its natural resources, also because of the human resources we have,” the head of state affirmed today and praised the “recovery of the country’s flag carrier that allows connectivity among all the zones in the country, not only the richest ones.”
Ms. Kirchner pointed out Argentina was experiencing “the highest growth cycle in our history.”
“We have overcome the economic model that we are seeing in Europe which considers adjustment brings growth. That is a lie because if there is no good salary, people don’t consume, don’t sell and there is no production, especially when there is no much consumption in the world."
In her message, the president strongly questioned pro-adjustment policies considering they cause “huge discontent, bad expectations and institutional instability.” “If we add a foreign restriction to an internal restriction, we are burying the economy; that is why the theory of adjustment is not a solution. Adjustments cause huge discontent, bad expectations and institutional instability. Argentina had five presidents in a week, in 2001, there you have institutional consequences,” President Kirchner said referring to the economic and social crisis that burst more than a decade ago, prompting Argentina’s historic default.
Today’s forum was the first official activity of Ms. Kirchner in Moscow in the margins of a two-day visit that will take her to meet her Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.
Cristina Fernández highlighted as well the existence of a “new economic and geopolitical order” that urges nations to “conceive each others as partners,” not just as “buyers and sellers.”
“It is not that one ignores the market, but when we talk about the market today, we talk about four or five men in the financial sector who decide on the luck of countries. If we want to make real capitalism we have to take into consideration that market is offer and demand, (involving) workers and traders. I mean, we have to reformulate the rules that stop such distortions that also take place in the world of communications.”

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