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Dienstag, 28. April 2015

CFK:: 'We'll never honour international usury or scam'

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

CFK:: 'We'll never honour international usury or scam'

During a rally she headed at noon in San Martín district in Buenos Aires province, president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner affirmed “Argentina returned to the capital markets at reasonable rates,” although a deal with the so called vulture funds failed to be reached. About it, the head of state said her administration “will never honour international usury or scam.”
"These papers they wrote were blown away by the wind and by reality. The truth is a few days ago Argentina returned to the capital markets, at reasonable rates, because we have honoured our debt, and we will continue honouring it. What we will never honour is international usury and scam,” she asserted on a nationwide broadcasted speech.
She went on to complain that back in 2014, "they pecked at Argentines’ heads and at Argentines’ economic expectations” with rumours that if the government didn’t reach a deal with vultures, “everything would fall down.”
"I do not have an account to be discovered and nobody will extort me against the country’s interests. They have been announcing they will unveil accounts and companies. May they do so, the last ones to be unveiled were a shame and a show-off,” she fired in reference to media reports which indicated the president’s son Máximo Kirchner was holder of bank accounts abroad.
“Everything was done by vulture funds,” she stressed, adding “the discredit campaign is against Argentina, not against the Argentine Government.”
About the political future, ahead of October nacional elections, Cristina Fernándezz de Kirchner said "this political space I have the honour to represent has got a history, and men and women who will keep on strengthening these policies.”

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