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Donnerstag, 22. November 2012

hammerharte Entscheidungen von Judge Griesa vom 21.11.2012 aus NY zu Gunsten der Holdouts....und zu Lasten Argy und Umtauschbondholders....

ich muss erst mal lesen und werde nachher Einzelheiten bloggen

The Order
Since the Court of Appeals has essentially affirmed the February 23, 2012 Order containing the Injunctions, that Order will remain in effect, subject to the following qualifications. In paragraph 2a, there will be an appropriate reference to the definitions contained in the current opinion, which does not change the relevant wording but further defines it.
The court believes that plaintiffs properly recommend specific wording listing the parties bound by the Order under Rule 65(d). Accordingly, that listing will be included.
Dated: New York, New York November 21,2012


NML shall be entitled to discovery to confirm the timing and
amounts of the Republic’s payments under the terms of the Exchange Bonds; the amounts the Republic owes on these and other obligations; and such other information as appropriate to confirm compliance with this ORDER;
4. The Republic is permanently PROHIBITED from taking action to
evade the directives of this ORDER, render it ineffective, or to take any steps to diminish the Court’s ability to supervise compliance with the ORDER, including, but not limited to, altering or amending the processes or specific transfer mechanisms by which it makes payments on the Exchange Bonds, without obtaining prior approval by the Court;
5. This Court shall retain jurisdiction to monitor and enforce this
ORDER, and to modify and amend it as justice requires to achieve its equitable purposes and to account for changing circumstances.
Dated: New York, New York November, 21 2012


Copies of this opinion, together with copies of the Amended February 23, 2012 Order, such amendment to be dated as of this date, will be promptly provided to the parties involved in payments to exchange bondholders, who will be on notice that the December 15, 2012 interest payments due to exchange bondholders cannot be made unless Argentina certifies that it is making the appropriate payment for the benefit of plaintiffs to the escrow account, either in advance of or concurrent with any payment to exchange bondholders.
The Amended February 23, 2012 Order is being issued today. It will be called "Amended February 23, 2012 Order," and will be dated today, November 21,2012.
Dated: New York, New York November 21, 2012

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