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Donnerstag, 31. Dezember 2015

BA gov't says no money to pay salaries

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

BA gov't says no money to pay salaries

Buenos Aires province Economy Minister Hernán Lacunza.
Buenos Aires province Economy Minister Hernán Lacunza warned the province does not count with enough funds to pay salaries in January with the María Eugenia Vidal administration seeking for help from the national administration.
In statements to the Radio 10 station, Lacunza defended the 2016 Budget bill submitted to the provincial Legislature by Governor Vidal and questioned what he called a “very complicated inheritance” the new government received when taking office earlier in December. “We received a Province without funds and with no credit capacity,” the minister assured.
“It was a surprise because we had talks (with the FpV) but by the time of the voting they did not give quorum,” he explained adding the provincial government wants to “change social debt and infrastructure (debt) for financial debt so that we can work. No one can meet obligations because no one has the money to do it.”
In that sense, he affirmed the Vidal administration received “a very complicated inheritance” and pointed out the budget bill “has the focus on the level of debt.”
“We received a province without funds and without credit capacity. The money is not in the box,” Lacunza insisted.

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