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Montag, 25. November 2013

zu diesem Anlass werde ich u.U. in New York sein und dort dann gleich unsere Urteile vs Argy nach Elliott pari passu mässig einrehen....unsichere Kantonisten wie Klagegesellschaften nehme ich allerdings nicht in meine Obhut......

EMTA is pleased to present "Sovereign Debt Restructuring: A Better Way Forward?"

This Special Seminar will be held on Wednesday, December 18, 2013, at EMTA’s offices at 360 Madison Avenue, 17th Floor, on 45th Street between Madison and 5th Aves., in New York City, beginning at 11:45 a.m., scheduled to end at 2:15 p.m., and a light lunch will be provided.

After the IMF’s proposal a decade ago for a Sovereign Debt Restructuring Mechanism (SDRM) was withdrawn, and the adoption of the IIF’s Principles of Stable Capital Flows and Fair Debt Restructuring and inclusion of collective action clauses (CACs) in EM bond issues, there have been various official sector and academic concerns about the existing mechanisms for restructuring sovereign bonds, particularly in response to developments in the European sovereign debt markets and pending litigation against Argentina.

On October 16, EMTA presented a panel of sovereign debt experts, who described a variety of current proposals, including those being discussed within the IMF, to reform aspects of the international architecture for restructuring sovereign bonds.  On November 5, another panel, composed of leading private sector representatives, gave their views on these proposals.

Today’s panel will endeavor to summarize these proposals and the private sector’s reactions to them, and then articulate a sensible path forward.

Speakers will include:
Arturo Porzecanski (American University) – Moderator
Whitney Debevoise (Arnold & Porter)
Bruce Wolfson (Bingham McCutchen)
Robert Koenigsberger (Gramercy)
Hans Humes (Greylock Capital Management)
Ben Heller (Hutchin Hill Capital)

Support for this event provided by Bingham McCutchen.

This Special Seminar is the third in a five-part EMTA series of panels on sovereign debt, the international architecture to restructure it and proposed reforms.
Our fourth panel on January 13 in London, with a European emphasis, and fifth panel in mid-January in Washington, D.C., with a more political emphasis, will also endeavor to summarize these proposals and the private sector’s reactions to them, and then articulate a sensible path forward.
Registration fee for EMTA members is US$75 / Non-members is US$495 / Credentialed Media Complimentary.

To register, please CLICK HERE if you have previously registered for an EMTA event or you are an EMTA member with login credentials.

Or, if you have never before registered for an EMTA event or you are an EMTA member without login credentials, please CLICKHERE.

Cancellations must be received by 11:45 a.m. (NY time), Tuesday, December 17, 2013, or you will be charged the full amount. Substitute delegates may be sent at no additional charge. Please contact Suzette Ortiz at for any matters related to registration.

For more information on non-registration matters, please contact Aviva Werner at EMTA at +1 (646) 289-5412 or by email

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  1. Bwahahahaha, ist das der gespielte Witz des Tages?
    Ausgerechnet einer wie du der seit Jahren regelmäßig den Offenbarungseid leistet maßt sich an für andere die Obhut auszuüben.
    Dir sollte man nicht mal Geld fürs brotzeitholen anvertrauen

  2. was hat dich denn schon wieder hinterm Ofen vorgeholt....muss deine liebe Mama wieder bei dir Lippenbalsam auftragen....i git i git....

  3. Ach gottchen, ach gottchen, hat Mama Margarete ihrem missratenen Söhnchen rolfilein nach all seinen Offenbarungseiden jetzt das Taschengeld gestrichen?
    Und jetzt ist rolfilein sauer und pöbelt rum.