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Montag, 29. September 2014

Argentina warns US of 'consequences' of possible judge Griesa contempt order

Monday, September 29, 2014

Argentina warns US of 'consequences' of possible judge Griesa contempt order

File photo of Foreign Minister Héctor Timerman.
Ahead of a new hearing in which US Thomas Griesa will decide whether Argentina is in contempt of court, the government argued that such sanction would be illegal under international law. Foreign Minister Héctor Timerman stressed that the US government “cannot excuse itself from the decisions taken by US Judiciary.”
In a brief press conference, Timerman said a contempt of court order against a foreign country would be “inconceivable” and described it as a “desperate action against Argentina from vulture funds.” Ahead of Griesa’s decision, the minister pointed out that the US government cannot ignore the actions of US Judiciary.
“The US cannot in any way excuse itself from the action of its Judiciary, since a state is responsible for the acts and omissions of any of its organs,” Timerman said. “A declaration of contempt of court would entail an unprecedented escalation, one even worse than the decision to prevent payment to restructured bondholders,” he added giving no further details.
The official said that “decisions taken by the US could affect Argentina’s debt restructuring process, violating the sovereignty of the Argentine Republic as a result.”
“A state cannot be subjected to monetary or contempt sanctions by judiciary authorities of another country,” he added.
The official pointed out that Buenos Aires has taken the ongoing legal dispute to the International Court of Justice with no response from the US government.

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