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Donnerstag, 25. September 2014

CFK denounces vultures' 'economic terrorism' to UN General Assembly

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

CFK denounces vultures' 'economic terrorism' to UN General Assembly

President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner adresses the UN General Assembly.
President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner today addressed the United Nations General Assembly, accusing holdout investors of committing "economic terrorism" and reiterating her wish for a multi-lateral framework to regulate sovereign debt.

"The vulture funds threaten and attack with actions against our country's economy, causing rumours, mistruths and outright lies," she told the organisation. 

"It is almost a type of economic and financial terrorism." 

CFK praised the work of her late husband Néstor Kirchner for beginning the process to reduce Argentina's public debt, highlighting that "since 2003 to the present day we have removed over 190 million dollars" of owed funds. 

"We must avoid one judge taking down the entire restructuring," she underlined, referring to the ongoing judicial block Thomas Griesa has imposed in New York at the holdouts request, impeding debt service payments to restructured bondholders.

Returning on the offensive against those investors who did not enter 2005 and 2010's debt swaps, Cristina slammed them as "economic terrorists that create poverty, hunger and misery through the sin of speculation." 

The president's speech, which began just before 4pm in New York, also focused on the Malvinas Islands historic sovereignty claim as well as referring to the 1994 AMIA attack investigation and Iran's refusal to collaborate.

The head of state used the forum to underline her support for an independent Palestinian state, as well as questioning countries such as the United States, who have criticised the Argentine memorandum of understanding with Iran, for attacking groups such as Islamic State which were previously backed against Syria. 

"The great powers change the concept of friend and enemy far too easily," CFK fired.

Later, Ms Kirchner addressed the UN Security Council were Argentina is a non-permanent member, and questioned the violent way in which terrorism is being fought.

“Terrorism is not to be fought with the beat of war drums,” she said as she supported Pope Francis’ “peace message.”

“Where do ISIS and Al-Qaeda take their guns from? Yesterday’s freedom fighters are today’s terrorists,” the President stated blasting US international policy.

“We have to find a way to fight terrorism without forgetting human rights. The UN has to re-gain its leadership in this matter. This is the only way we can leave a better world to our children,” she concluded.

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