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Freitag, 26. September 2014

German government seeks distance from ‘vulture struggle’

Thursday, September 25, 2014

German government seeks distance from ‘vulture struggle’

Angela Markel’s administration attempted to lower tensions with the Argentine government today, after controversial statements made by German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schauble regarding the so called vulture funds conflict.
“The relations between Germany and Argentina are traditionally good. We want to resolve in a constructive way our pending matters, and we are looking to cooperate with the Argentine government,” a spokesperson from Germany’s Foreign Service said.
The unnamed source told DPA news agency that “building trust is an important step,” and he recalled that Argentina has recently “paid punctually and totally,” its first quota to the Paris Club; a financial entity of 20 countries including Germany.
A month ago, the German official described Argentina as “an example of lack of solidity”; a comment which the American Task Force Argentina (ATFA) organization quoted in an ad published yesterday on local media.
The ATFA defined Schauble’s comments as “wise”, while adding they are an example of criticism against “president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner’s despise for US Courts and Argentina’s refusal to pay its debts.”

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