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Freitag, 23. März 2012

das wäre auch für unseren Märzbond möglich gewesen...

EU rescue cash set to arrive

19 Mar 2012

A close-up shot of a euro coin (Reuters)

A close-up shot of a euro coin (Reuters)
The country is set to receive its first instalment of rescue money under the second bailout agreement on Monday – a day before a bond repayment deadline that would have seen the nation default.
EU officials said payment of the 5.9bn euro instalment is due, after the massive twin debt relief deals were negotiated with private creditors, eurozone countries and the IMF.
The agreements narrowly averted bankruptcy, as the country had been unable to cover the 14.5bn euro repayment due on March 20 before the country's massive national debt was restructured.
The Public Debt Management Agency also announced the auction of three-month treasury bills on Tuesday, in a sale aimed at raising a billion euros. (Athens News/gw)

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