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Mittwoch, 21. März 2012

This calculation tool has been prepared by Euroclear im www downloadbar

We are pleased to provide you with a proceeds calculation tool.
A few helpful guidelines to assist you:
"Calculator Tool"
This sheet is the actual calculation tool. To use the tool, simply follow the steps below:
•    select the relevant ISIN
•    Tick the non-US or US holder box
•    input the position impacted (press "enter")
•    click on the calculate button
You will find the corresponding amounts pertaining to securities credited to your account.
Please note the differences in the credit of proceeds between US and non-US holders. US holders are not allowed to receive the PSI Payment and Accrued Interest Notes and instead, they will receive cash arising from the sale of such securities.
"Calculation breakdown"
You will find relevant details used to calculate your proceeds, such as the relevant proceeds ratios per security.
Euroclear PSI Calculator

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