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Question and Answer Offers on Hellenic Republic– version 6 – 22 March 2012 /Euroclear Bank SA/NV

Question and Answer Offers on Hellenic Republic– version 6 – 22 March 2012
© 2012 Euroclear Bank SA/NV, 1 Boulevard du Roi Albert II, 1210 Brussels, Belgium – Tel: +32 (0)2 326 1211 –
RPM Brussels number 0429 875 591 – Euroclear is the marketing name for the Euroclear System, Euroclear plc, Euroclear SA/NV and their affiliates. 2
Table of contents
1. Introduction and key facts 3
2. Options and how to instruct 6
a) How is this offer structured/What are the available
options? 6
b) Are there any conditions linked to the offer? 7
c) What are the participation thresholds specified in the
minimum participation condition? 7
d) What are the relevant quorums and majorities required in the
consent solicitations 8
e) Are there any restrictions to participating? 8
f) How do I instruct via EUCLID? 9
g) How do I instruct via SWIFT MT565? 9
h) Can I cancel a previously submitted instruction? 11
i) What happens to the positions once instructed? 11
j) What is the default action? 11
k) Do I need to send one instruction per beneficial owner? 11
l) Do I need to submit any documentation? 11
m) Is there any additional action to take (website agent)? 12
3. Payment details 12
a) What will I receive if I participate? 12
b) What are the applicable exchange rates for
non-euro denominated securities? 13
c) Can I receive proceeds in Euroclear? 13
d) Are the resulting securities tradable? 13
e) Can the different resulting securities be traded separately? 13
f) Will proration be applied? 13
g) Will there be any accrued and unpaid interest payable? 14
h) Will fractions of entitlements (if any) be compensated in cash? 14
i) Do I have to pay tax on the proceeds? 14
j) How do I determine my investor status? 15
k) Is a poolfactor applicable on any of the designated securities? 15
l) Which holders are impacted by the mandatory exchange applicable
to the Eligible Titles? 15
m) What can I expect to receive in the Eligible Titles settlement? 16
n) How do I calculate the proceeds for the index-linked bonds? 17
o) Where can I find the debit and credit confirmations? 18
p) Now that the exchange for the Eligible Titles has become mandatory,
how can I make sure to receive my PSI Payment notes and
Accrued Interest Notes, if I did not instruct during the offer period? 18
q) Once we certify for the remaining uninstructed position on the Eligible
Titles, when can we expect to receive the PSI Notes and Accrued
Interest Notes? 18
ANNEX 1 20
ANNEX 2 25
ANNEX 3 30

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