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Dienstag, 27. März 2012

EUR 4,273 million matured, // EZB teilt indirekt mit, dass sie am 20.3. den von ihr mit GRI umgerubelten Märzbond getilgt bekommen hat

26/03/2012 Fine-tuning operation  As announced by the Governing Council on 10 May 2010, the ECB conducts specific operations in order to re-absorb the liquidity injected through the Securities Markets Programme (SMP).
In this regard, the ECB will carry out a quick tender on 27 March at 11.30 in order to collect one-week fixed-term deposits with settlement day on 28 March. A variable rate tender with a maximum bid rate of 1.00% will be applied and the ECB intends to absorb an amount of EUR 213.5 billion. The latter corresponds to the size of the SMP, taking into account transactions with settlement on or before Friday 23 March, rounded to the nearest half billion. As no SMP transactions were settled last week, while EUR 4,273 million matured, the rounded settled amount - and the intended amount for absorption accordingly – decreased to EUR 213.5 billion.
The benchmark allotment amount in MROs takes into account the liquidity effect of non-standard measures, assuming an unchanged size of the SMP and full sterilisation of this amount via the above mentioned liquidity-absorbing operation. Fixed term deposits held with the Eurosystem are eligible as collateral for the Eurosystem's credit operations.
The ECB intends to carry out another liquidity-absorbing operation next week

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